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Package Includes:

DVD Copy
DVD Ripper
Blu-ray Copy
Blu-ray Ripper
Blu-ray to DVD
2D to 3D Converter
Blu-ray 3D Ripper
DVD Creator
Blue-Ray Creator
Video Converter
and File Transfer.

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Pros: DVDFabís simple interface and strong feature set makes it one of the best programs we evaluated.
Cons: Slight color distortions may be noticeable on large HD televisions.
The Verdict: After familiarizing yourself with the list of features, copying a perfect DVD will be a breeze.


Itís true that you can get software to copy DVDs free, and one of those products might be perfectly capable for your needs. However, if you are like me and have a few precious DVDs that are slightly damaged and unreadable by other software, DVDFab is a lifesaver and well worth the price. In my testing, it was the only software that could reliably copy any DVD I threw at it regardless of condition.

Iíve sampled quite a few various programs that will backup any movies youíve got, whether it be copying the disc to another disc, or to the hard drive as a DivX file, or whatever other format it chooses. They seem to take a very long time, much too long to bother putting up with on a regular basis. DVDFab will zip through a movie and copy it to a DAT file a lot faster than anything else Iíve tried. Whats more, it gives you the option to copy to blank DVD and will even split the movie among two disc if it happens to be on a Super DVD that holds twice as much info and so canít be simply copied to a regular DVD-R. It also makes everything look so simple, you wonder why others havenít managed to master the same thingÖ
What Iím saying isÖ.DVDFab kicks ass PERIOD


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